Rehab: About the Alcohol Withdrawal Phase

Countless functioning alcoholics across the UK are torn: torn between wanting to quit drinking or to reduce their regular alcohol consumption to a sensible amount, and dreading the withdrawal phase that would be involved if they ‘take the step’. They’ve heard horror stories; frightening accounts by former alcoholics of the “hell” that beating alcoholism can be.

Going ‘cold turkey’ has been graphically portrayed in so many movies, TV dramas and documentaries over the years, that even someone who has been teetotal all their life has some insight into just how difficult the withdrawal stage of giving up an addiction can be:

“Prior to seeking help for alcoholism, I drank excessively for several years. Family, friends and work colleagues were worried sick about me. I knew I had to do something about tackling my addiction, but I simply couldn’t face the withdrawal stage of treatment. Three years ago, not being allowed to drink would have been like being told I was not allowed to breathe!”

“It was only when I finally summoned the courage to ring Rehab Treatment UK (0845 680 4902) and spoke to the people there that I began to feel more confident about being able to face it all. They explained to me that I would be fully supported throughout by vastly experienced clinicians and counsellors, and that coping with withdrawal would be made as easy as possible for me. When I entered a private Rehab clinic in Luton in late 2011, they were as good as their word.”
Delilah, Bedfordshire

“Going through the alcohol addiction withdrawal phase alone (i.e. without the care and help of the Rehab team at the private clinic in Dorset that I attended) would have been too much for me. I am one hundred per cent certain of that.”

“I’d read about the typical withdrawal symptoms: the sweating, the nausea, and the shaking – all of which cease as soon as you drink alcohol again. Some of my friends had been through all that. I simply didn’t feel I could cope without professional help being there for me from start to finish.”

“I guess prior to going through a personally tailored alcoholism treatment programme, I was what you might call a ‘functioning alcohol’ – a well educated, financially secure individual in (I hate this phrase, but here goes!) ‘Middle England!”
Jeremy, Berkshire

So, what treatment modules are available at a private Rehab clinic once the withdrawal phase is over?

‘Inside’ Rehab
Rehab treatment is all too often portrayed by the British media and press as being a kind of one-size-fits-all package that only celebrities can avail of, which costs an absolute fortune, and which only involves residential care. Well, there are four fallacies to start with!

Let’s dispel those myths straightaway:

1. All Rehab treatment programmes are tailored towards individual patients’ specific needs
2. Anyone with alcohol issues can go to Rehab (you don’t have to be famous)
3. All private Rehab clinics across the UK do their utmost to make treatment affordable for people struggling with alcohol addiction (learn about clinic fees and get FREE payment advice)
4. Rehab treatment can be availed of through: Outpatient Care, Day-Care, Residential Care, and Extended Residential Care

As well as Detox – the stage when a Rehab patient is most likely to experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms at their keenest – other treatment modules that can be incorporated into a personalised alcoholism treatment programme include:

  • Psychotherapy (both group and individual)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • 12-Steps Abstinence-Based Therapy
  • Medication
  • Nutritional Support


  • Family Support
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Relapse Prevention, and even
  • Aftercare

Note: All names have been changed


I could not stop drinking, having tried various methods. After making contact with Rehab Treatment UK I was put at ease immediately. All my options were carefully explained and 2 days later admitted to Rehab. Without the speedy response I would probably still be drinking today, Already, the home is a happier place. Thank you Jane for starting the process for a life of sobriety.
B. Middlesex

Thank you to Rehab Treatment UK and everyone at the Clinic that was involved in my Detox. It has been hard, but the fun everyone has made it, helped to make it easier.
S. Hull