How Quitting Drinking Could Make You Rich

There’s nothing more mind-numbingly wearisome than an inebriated pub bore, is there?

Come to think of it, perhaps there is…

Do you know someone like this?

A once world-famous, beautiful English actress whose name we shan’t reveal (lest Richard Burton should suddenly leap to her defence from his grave) once said: “The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues.”

How true. And this is never truer than of the orange juice-sipping anorak in the pub who ‘helpfully’ tells you: “If, over the years, every time you bought a pint or a shot you’d put the money in a fixed-rate high-interest savings account with maximised returns instead; you’d probably have your house paid off by now, mate. Imagine that. Right, I’m off to the gym. Oh, by the way, those crisps you’re eating, are they low fat?”

Someone like that is enough to drive you to drink, aren’t they?

But, hang on a minute

With the rising cost of alcohol (as well as food, cigarettes, petrol, and just about everything else) each year, perhaps our know-all anorak friend has a point. How much DO you spend annually on alcohol, do you think? And if you reduced that spend; surely you’d notice the difference each time your bank statement arrived?

Well, the natural human reflex now is to determine how much you shell out on alcohol in an average week, and to then multiply that by 52, right?

Wrong. Why? Because you have to factor in periods of increased spending, such as at Christmas, around birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, and also towards the end of the month, perhaps, when you may be feeling increasingly stressed as the pressure to reach a sales (or other kind of performance target) cranks up. And if you get paid monthly rather than weekly, perhaps an end-of-the-month bender with your workmates simply has to be done?

Time for some stats

According to Benenden Healthcare (specialists in providing affordable mutual healthcare):

  • The average Brit consumes alcohol at least three nights each week
  • The average Brit downs nine alcoholic drinks each week
  • By getting through 456 drinks a year on average, millions of Brits are sailing perilously close to the wind and, in many cases, are most likely exceeding recommended alcohol consumption guidelines
  • The yearly financial cost of this level of consumption is a whopping £962 a year – no small sum for many families in the UK
  • The average Brit spends £58,201 on booze over a lifetime

And that’s ‘just’ the financial cost. Kicking the booze altogether – or drastically reducing your alcohol consumption – could enrich your life in so many other ways.

The benefits of quitting alcohol (pennies saved besides)

  • Feel healthier
  • Lose weight
  • Look younger and better (brighter eyes, healthier skin) and feel more self-confident
  • Be more motivated and get more done
  • Feel calmer overall and clearer headed
  • Have more time for family and recreational activities
  • Be more tolerant with others
  • Feel better able to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life
  • Protect yourself from diseases, such as cirrhosis
  • Improve your lifespan expectation overall

And just basically:

Like yourself more(It’s the sense of virtuous achievement that does it!)


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B. Middlesex

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