Quit Drinking and Instantly Become AMAZING in Bed

How alcohol-free living promotes better sleep

Annoyed about the misleading headline? Feeling short-changed because you thought you were about to enjoy a highly charged article that would make Fifty Shades of Grey read like Janet & John? Gutted because the notion of learning how to catapult your sex life into another stratosphere appeals immensely (if you could just kick the booze)?

Fair enough. The headline got you reading though, didn’t it? And getting functioning alcoholics (financially secure and well-educated professionals) everywhere to read up on the dangers of regularly binge drinking – or even just frequently drinking a little over recommended levels* – is far from easy…

* Recommended guidelines for alcohol consumption are 3-4 units per day in men, equating to around a pint and a half of 4 per cent-strength beer, and 2-3 units in women: a single 175ml glass of 13 per cent-strength wine (Benenden Healthcare).1

…But now that we’ve got your attention
Here are some interesting (and, at times, alarming) facts about sleep:

Lack of sleep can lead to obesity, and increase the risk of suffering a stroke
Regularly disturbed sleep patterns can result in a lower libido
Poor sleep can weaken your immune system
Mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, can develop as a result of simply not getting enough ‘healthy’ sleep: restful, undisturbed sleep for at least 7 hours per night
New parents lose out on a total of 6 months’ sleep in the first two years of childcare
Fatigue (as a result of disturbed sleep or sleep deprivation) is involved in one-in-six fatal road accidents
The Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska, the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, and the Chernobyl nuclear accident have all been attributed to human errors in which sleep-deprivation played a huge role
Studies show that regularly sleeping too little (6 hours and less) OR regularly sleeping too much (more than 9 hours) is associated with a shorter lifespan!

Sources: The Business Insider.com 2 & MentalHealth.org 3

Sleep is as essential to your health as breathing
While enjoying 7.5 – 8 hours of non-alcohol induced slumber, the body repairs itself after another busy day. The brain is also given time to process information and to consolidate memories.

Although alcohol’s sedating effect is appealing (especially to insomniacs), by reducing your alcohol consumption – or even kicking the booze altogether – you are going a long way to enjoying restful, healthy sleep and avoiding the aforementioned health issues and other problems that can occur as a direct result of sleep interruption.

Regularly getting a good night’s sleep can help you to: 4
Keep your heart healthy
Prevent the onset of diseases, such as Cancer and Diabetes
Reduce your stress levels
Control your weight
Enjoy enhanced alertness (at work etc)
Bolster your memory, and
Feel happier, brighter, more positive and optimistic overall

Still not convinced? Need to ‘sleep on it’?
OK, but don’t put it off for too long. Why? Because the longer you postpone addressing your alcohol problems, the greater the likelihood becomes of you losing your job, family, friends, and even your life.

You think you’ll be the lucky one who’ll avoid all that, no matter how much alcohol you consume?

In your dreams.

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