Alcoholism Stories: “I Was Helicoptered Out of My Own Wedding!”

CASE STUDY: Michael in Buckinghamshire
“Don’t get me wrong. The wedding ceremony itself went like a dream. It was a sundrenched Saturday afternoon in June 2011. We made our vows, exchanged rings, promised to love and care for each other in sickness and in health… Oh joy of joys! But I don’t think my new bride, Jacqui, quite expected to honour that vow so soon after also sincerely making this promise at the Altar: “Our Father created woman to be man’s helper. It is my desire and delight to follow this scriptural teaching. With all my heart I make this pledge to you.”

Then it all went wrong!
Michael and Jacqui’s church wedding ceremony was followed by a lavish reception at a stunning hotel in Bletchley. After a delicious meal, several toasts, and some hilarious speeches; the wedding band soon had guests jiving on the dance floor. As you can imagine, the free bar proved extremely popular with the adults; and no one sank more pints and shorts than the Groom. But Michael’s drinking (he’d mixed his lagers with Southern Comfort) was to prove near fatal:

“I collapsed on the dance floor,” Michael explains. “On the advice of the hotel’s official first aider, an ambulance was called. They tell me that the band stopped playing, and guests did their best to rouse me, but to no avail. I was simply out for the count, as the saying goes. Jacqui was frantic.

Everyone thought I must have hit my head when I fell, and that the paramedics would help me into an ambulance when they arrived. But it all got much more dramatic than that, I’m afraid. Let’s just say it was a godsend that the vast hotel car park was large enough to double as a helipad on the night.”

Michael was rushed by helicopter to Milton Keynes Genera Hospital with suspected alcohol poisoning. Once there, his blood was essentially replaced.

About alcohol poisoning
Critical signs are:

  • Irregular breathing and slow breathing
  • Mental confusion
  • Paleness (and the lips taking on a bluish hue)
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting, and
  • Coma

Honeymoon in Bali cancelled
So, Michael and Jacqui’s wedding night was one to forget, not to remember and cherish for ever. Despite her upset and her concern for her husband, deep down Jacqui must have been furious about it all, surely?

“That’s an understatement! In the weeks preceding our wedding day Michael had promised to behave himself at the reception – to drink in moderation and not to go mad. I always had my doubts, of course, as he is notorious amongst family and friends for misusing alcohol. But collapsing like that and then having to have his blood replaced in hospital still came as a total shock. He was in hospital for ages, and we had to cancel our honeymoon in Bali, of course.

Michael abusing alcohol at the wedding party ruined what is supposed to be the biggest day of a woman’s life. Whoever said that money is the root of all evil was wrong – alcohol is!”

Note: All names have been changed


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