Alcoholism Rehab and Nutritional Support

– Something to Chew Over…

When you’re peckish, there’s nothing worse than someone suggesting that you: “Have an apple” or, “Enjoy a lovely raw carrot”, or even: “Make a vitamin-packed smoothie!” is there? What you want is a ‘grab bag’ of crisps, a king-size chocolate bar, a take-way sausage roll smothered with ketchup, or maybe even a Scooby Doo monster sandwich (remember them?).

To hear: “Just think! If you have a fruit salad, you’ll get a delicious snack AND a shed-load of vitamins all rolled into one!” just doesn’t do it, does it?

But let’s face it, good nutrition is important. In fact, it’s vital to both your physical and mental health. That’s why Nutritional Support is included as a module on an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programme undertaken at most Rehab Treatment Clinics across the UK (there are excellent Clinics in Surrey, Hampshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Scotland, and at other locations).

More on what happens at Rehab
An Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programme doesn’t come as a kind of ‘one-size-fits-all’ package (because there are simply no off-the-peg solutions to overcoming an addiction). No, during your stay at a Rehab Clinic, treatment will be tailored to your meet your specific needs. On the best programme for you (in a confidential, comfortable and safe environment) you will be helped to achieve your ultimate goal: kicking the booze altogether, forever. Imagine that.

As well as Nutritional Support, other modules incorporated into your programme could include:

  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy (both group and individual)
  • CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy)
  • 12-Steps Abstinence-Based Therapy


  • Detox
  • Family Support
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Relapse Prevention, and even an
  • Aftercare Programme

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet after a course of treatment for alcohol addiction can help make you feel much better in your body and in your mind. But a classic mistake made by recovering addicts is overdoing it when it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle (with a nutritious diet being at the core).

Why a measured approach is best
Most people who enter Rehab do so in a malnourished state. The body relies on certain vitamins and minerals to function, to function well. But if you’d practically given up fruit and veg, then, post-Rehab, the last thing your digestive system needs is to be suddenly overwhelmed by it (i.e. through you basically swapping binge drinking for gorging on bananas and cabbage!).

Taking a sensible, measured approach is the thing to do.

Here are three top tips to get you started:

1. Take a daily multivitamin tablet (and eat small portions of fruit and veg each day)
2. Minimise your caffeine and sugar intake
3. Don’t overstock your kitchen with fruit and veg – only keep in enough for a couple of days at a time (this will help you to stem yourself!)

Food for thought indeed.

Get your life back on track. Are you struggling with alcoholism (or a drug addiction) and want to do something about it? Start your recovery!


I could not stop drinking, having tried various methods. After making contact with Rehab Treatment UK I was put at ease immediately. All my options were carefully explained and 2 days later admitted to Rehab. Without the speedy response I would probably still be drinking today, Already, the home is a happier place. Thank you Jane for starting the process for a life of sobriety.
B. Middlesex

Thank you to Rehab Treatment UK and everyone at the Clinic that was involved in my Detox. It has been hard, but the fun everyone has made it, helped to make it easier.
S. Hull