About Alcoholism and Erectile Dysfunction

CASE STUDY: Jonathan in Cheshire

Women like a big man, don’t they? By that we mean an Alpha male, a super-confident bloke (this is not to be confused with super-arrogant, by the way, women hate that), who walks tall and proud, dresses well, knows how to flirt, is decisive, naturally commands respect, is decisive, attracts others to him, is decisive…

Jonathan, a Cheshire businessman, is all those things
You’d think, then (quite rightly), that Jonathan is a magnet for the opposite sex, that his problem is not finding a girlfriend but choosing which woman to commit to amongst the many ‘possibles’ he encounters on a daily basis!

“I meet gorgeous, beautifully dressed women every day, to be quite honest – at business meetings, business networking events, seminars, conferences… The number of one night stands I could have enjoyed is almost incalculable.”

No Mr Bean, is he? Not someone in dire need of assertiveness classes!
But there is a problem – one that, try as he might, lady-killer Jonathon simply cannot overcome. A problem that means, every time “an opportunity for some action presents itself” (as Jonathan delicately puts it), he shies away. Why? Because in the bedroom he simply ”cannot perform”. And he knows exactly why:

“Over time, I seem to have drunk my way to a state of permanent penile flaccidity. My mates tease me about it. But, to be quite honest, it’s a total nightmare. I’ve reached the point now where going to bed with a woman is something I’ve grown to dread and so always avoid.”

Note: Excessive alcohol consumption can damage genital tissues, causing erectile dysfunction

Some sobering facts:

·    Across the UK, thousands of men suffer from alcohol-related impaired sexual function
·    Seven out of ten men claim to feel considerably more attractive to women after a few drinks (and are therefore more likely to approach and chat up women in social situations)
·    Women do not find heavy drinking men more attractive than moderate drinkers, or non-drinkers
·    The sexual arousal system in a man can become depressed after just one alcoholic drink (e.g. a pint of lager, a single gin and tonic)
·    Sexologists in Britain have seen a significant rise in the number of men coming to them for alcohol-induced impaired sexual function since the Recession (increased drinking amongst men and women to cope with the stress of job loss, debt, falling into arrears with mortgage payments etc. has seen alcohol sales soar over the past few years)

We’ll let Jonathan have the last word:
“If other men out there can learn anything from me and my mistake – boozing my way to impotence – it’s this: even after you’ve quit drinking excessively, erectile dysfunction can be a problem. Because you’ve become teetotal, a penile flaccidity problem does not immediately go away, I’m afraid. Binge drinking can cause lasting damage. The only way to avoid all this is to not drink at all, of course. But the reality is that most people drink. So my advice to other men out there is to drink to sensible recommended levels, and if possible, kick the booze altogether.”


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