Alcoholism: What Did Drinking Cost You in 2013?

If you frequently abuse alcohol, consider this: If every time throughout 2013 you’d stuffed all the money you spent on alcohol into a jam jar instead, what would it have amounted to by the end of the year? Come to think of it, you’d probably need a large Rover Teatime Assortment biscuit tin (or a wheelie bin, maybe?), rather than a jam jar, in which to cram those thick wads of notes and all those one and two-pound coins!

More importantly…
As for the price you’ve paid health-wise through drinking like a fish; that is probably incalculable. Why? Because, unlike counting the pennies, quantifying the damage abusing alcohol has had on your body and brain is practically impossible.

Of course, you can compare your weight now, to January 2013, assuming you popped up on to the bathroom scales at some point at the start of last year. But how could you possibly estimate by how much you have put yourself at an increased risk of ALL this:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Gastritis
  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease (and heart attacks)
  • And even:
  • Different types of cancer

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention:

  • Dangerously high blood pressure
  • Malnutrition
  • Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, which can result in birth defects
  • Some psychiatric conditions (anxiety, depression, stress)
  • As well as:
  • Impaired brain function

Let’s not sugar-coat it
Binge drinking over a number of years can leave you looking like a bloodhound, or a grey ghost, or a grossly overweight pub bore with a nose like stewed rhubarb! The transformation of a human face (caused by excessive drinking) can be noticeable even over the course of a year, or in as little as six months.

Drinking too much can:
Age your face (grey sagging skin is hardly a fresh, youthful look, is it?)
Change your face’s shape (your jowls and neck skin can become heavier, and your cheeks can become bloated due to the toxins found in alcohol)
Make your face spotty
Mean that your eyes are permanently bloodshot, and even
Make you almost unrecognisable to others (if permanent disfigurement occurs as a result of heavy drinking on a regular basis)

Every time you sink a pint of beer or knock back a cool glass of wine, you are depriving your skin of the highly important vitamins and nutrients it needs (not just your facial skin, but all over your body). The interruption to your liver’s normal functioning means that your face will gradually yellow until you are stuck with a noticeable jaundiced look.

The way to avoid all that is to 1) Not drink in the first place, or 2) Reduce your alcohol consumption to a moderate level, or 3) Quit drinking altogether.


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