Alcoholism Dangers: Do You Hear Voices?

Most functioning alcoholics have families, own homes, progress in their careers, enjoy hobbies outside of work, and basically live full and interesting lives. The fact that they consume excessive amounts of alcohol regularly (and are gradually increasing the amount they drink as their tolerance rises in tandem) is usually hidden.

Often, you’d never know from looking at or talking to a functioning alcoholic that they have a problem: they abuse alcohol, they have an addiction.

“An addiction? That’s what druggies have, mate, not me!”
Not so. Getting most alcoholics to accept that they are addicted to alcohol can often be impossible. Generally, the word ‘addiction’ is only used when talking about illegal drugs, not when alcoholism is discussed. And yet countless surveys show that in the UK, overwhelmingly, people’s number one drug of choice is alcohol.

Alcohol’s primary attraction? It’s a tranquiliser, a relaxant
After a long day at work, a cold pint of lager or a cool glass of white wine is regarded by millions of people across the country as “just the thing”. Enjoying an occasional social drink is far from life-threatening, of course. But when moderate drinking spirals and excessive drinking occurs regularly, you are at an increased risk of ALL this:

  • Severe hangovers
  • Depression, extreme worrying, stress, memory lapses, brain damage, and hearing noises and voices (that no-one else can)
  • Stomach pains (gastritis)
  • Vomiting blood
  • Unconsciousness
  • Liver disease
  • Heart disease (and heart attacks)
  • Different types of cancer
  • Death

Source: Avon and Wiltshire NHS

Notice ‘hearing voices’ in the list; it’s a problem that many people who suffer from schizophrenia experience; but alcoholics can hear noises and voices (in a hallucinatory sense) too. It’s a horrendous condition that can be almost impossible to cure, and has in the past led many problem drinkers to take their own lives, as the constant noises and chattering inside their heads becomes too much to cope with.

If you abuse alcohol and you’re reading this thinking: “That will never happen to me!” Think again. Why wouldn’t it happen to you? Why shouldn’t it? If you drink excessively and your regular alcohol consumption level is gradually on the rise, your body’s tolerance for alcohol is without question increasing in tandem. Soon, two bottles of wine each night won’t be enough. To get that ‘buzz’, to make you relax and forget your troubles, you’ll find yourself drinking more, and more, and more.

Don’t suffer in silence
Most people who suffer from hearing noises and voices inside their heads are usually too afraid to speak up about it, to seek help. They fear they may even be Sectioned under the Mental Health Act, as such hallucinations are usually only ever mentioned in news reports when a schizophrenia sufferer commits a violent crime.

At Rehab, individually tailored treatment programmes are devised for patients seeking residential or non-residential care. Amongst the professionals who work to the highest standards at private Rehab clinics across the UK are counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists. Talking to them about your problem will be done in complete confidence, with 100 per cent discretion being assured.


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