Alcoholism: The Christmas Killer

When it comes to washing down roast turkey with all the trimmings, nothing beats a glass of wine, beer or pale ale, does it? Mouth-watering Christmas pudding with brandy butter after the main course can be a delight. And prior to all that, a mid-morning glass of champagne by the fire with family and friends can be a lovely shared experience. But why go and ruin it all by drinking till you drop? Why spoil what for many families is the only day in the year when they can all get together, by polishing off can after can, or bottle after bottle, and then either starting a row or falling asleep for the rest of the day in the lounge (snoring like a honking goose through all that great telly)?

Sadly, the reality for thousands of families across the country is that, this Christmas, alcohol-related problems, and drink-fuelled aggression and anti-social behaviour, will mean it’s a Christmas to endure, not to be enjoyed.

“Personally, I’m dreading Christmas. Even though my husband holds down a good job and is even progressing rapidly in his career, he regularly binge drinks. He puts away a colossal amount of alcohol throughout the year. And then at Easter or Christmas when he has a full week or more off work, he seems to double his alcohol intake! This year will be no different.”
Shelia, Monmouthshire

“I’m a widower, and Christmas is the only time of year when my son is home on leave from the Navy. For most of the year he is abroad somewhere, on military exercises around the world. When he does finally make it home for the festive season he grabs the chance to see all his old mates, which I can completely understand, of course. But he drinks so excessively that he is out all night and in bed all day. I hardly see him!”
Carl, Oxfordshire

“My wife, Sarah-Jane, is an angel except when she’s had a few drinks. With a few glasses of wine or a couple of vodkas inside her, I would even go as far as saying that she becomes someone else entirely: a monster, to be candid. That’s why I always approach Christmas with trepidation. The problem people in my position have is that Christmas and New Year, Easter, and even long bank holiday weekends, offer an opportunity for massively increased drinking – during the day, in the evening, into the small hours…”
Jeffrey, Hampshire

But, thankfully, not all the stories are sad ones:
“For the first time in years, I’m really looking forward to the festive season. My partner is now teetotal after spending time back in September as a residential patient at a private rehab clinic in Wiltshire. We’re going to enjoy an alcohol-free Christmas and New Year with family and friends. I can’t wait!”
Kristina, Salisbury

Alcohol abuse at Christmas – what’s the real cost?
With people everywhere increasingly drinking more, it is unsurprising that alcohol-related crime and health problems are rising concurrently. This Christmas, thousands of people will be at risk due to excessive drinking during the holiday period:

Some parents will actually miss Christmas – having little or no recall of the winter break once it has passed
Drink driving offences will increase considerably in every region of the UK between 24th December and 2nd January
Incidents of domestic abuse (physical, verbal, emotional) will go up. A woman is injured and is hospitalised (or actually dies) as a result of alcohol-fuelled domestic violence every three days in the UK. This will undoubtedly increase over Christmas and New Year.

Help for alcoholism is available NOW
If you are a problem drinker and want to significantly reduce your regular alcohol consumption level (or even to quit drinking completely), why wait until the New Year to take the first step towards achieving that?

To find out about alcohol addiction treatment options call Rehab Treatment UK on 0845 680 4902 today, and simply say that you have a problem with alcohol and need help. That’s all you’ll have to do. The team of friendly professionals at Rehab Treatment UK will:

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You’d be under absolutely no obligation to enrol on a treatment programme, and 100 per cent discretion and confidentiality would be guaranteed.

Note: All names have been changed


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