Alcoholism in Britain – How Do We Compare to Overseas Drinkers?

Were does Britain stand in the ‘Drinking Global League’? Can the Germans drink us under table? Does the amount of booze the Dutch regularly put away make our amount seem positively minuscule by comparison? Are we ‘up there with the Yanks’, or are American drinkers simply in a different stratosphere when it comes to sinking can after can, bottle after bottle, on a daily basis? And how can we ignore the legendary drinking habits of the Aussies? (Actually, let’s not even go there!).

The answers to these questions are best found not by looking at drinking stats – gathered from surveys, where there is often a tendency by regular drinkers to lie about how much or how little alcohol they consume each week – but by researching the impact of binge drinking on a nation’s health, and asking questions such as:

·    Are there more admissions to British hospitals for alcohol-related illnesses and accidents, than in France?
·    Does Britain see more people die of alcohol abuse-caused heart problems than Poland?
·    Are alcoholism-related liver problems at virtually epidemic levels in Britain, but not in Italy or Spain?

Alarmingly, the answer to all these questions is Yes.

No laughing matter
Jokes like: “I’ve decided to seriously reduce my alcohol intake: I won’t drink in between drinks anymore!” and “Yeah, I’ve got a drink problem: I spill most of it!” may raise a laugh or two down the Dog & Duck on a Friday night, but the fact that a high percentage of the pub customers queuing at the bar will later in life die of an alcohol-related illness is an extremely serious issue.

Is the British ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ stopping you from seeking help?
Unlike most other nationalities, we Brits are known for our reserve, for our reluctance, and often our complete unwillingness to talk about our problems and worries (even if we are at death’s door!). This stiff upper lip, keep your worries to yourself, mentality is all very well, but it can actually prove devastating, for both alcoholics and the people around them. Why? Because it stops alcoholics from seeking help for their addiction before it’s too late. It is a mindset that can infuriate counsellors and clinicians in the Alcoholism treatment field – for obvious reasons.

Seeking help for alcoholism is easy
If you’re struggling with alcoholism, to find out about alcohol addiction treatment options you won’t be expected to pick up the phone and then bare your soul. Dialling 0845 680 4902 and simply saying that you have a problem with alcohol and require help is all you’d need to do. Alternatively, e-mail us.


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B. Middlesex

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S. Hull