Private Lancashire Clinic

Private Lancashire Clinic

Our Lancashire Clinic has been established to provide a unique enhanced Recovery Model based Detoxification Service for withdrawal from Drug and/or Alcohol Misuse and respite from stimulant abuse and will treat all clients as individuals at the focal point of their own care and ‘experts’ in their recovery.

Care packages will be planned accordingly and will provide a service delivering clinical care and sustained support to maximise planned discharges and successful treatment outcomes to reduce relapses back into addiction that meets the diverse needs of Lancashire and with the capacity and expertise to provide a bespoke service for families when required.

Medically managed detoxification will be provided, including provision of assessment, withdrawal and stabilisation to poly-drug and alcohol misusing clients with associated medical and psychiatric problems. We provide flexible and needs based care packages with a step up/down approach enabling seamless transition to medically monitored treatment if appropriate within our facility. We will ensure seamless transition between inpatient and outpatient treatment modalities.

The key elements of the treatment include:

  • Safe and comfortable withdrawal assisted by medical treatment.
  • Stabilisation on substitute therapy.
  • Conversion from one substitute therapy to another.
  • Respite from stimulant abuse.
  • Stabilisation of Dual Diagnosis clients
  • Harm reduction and health interventions.
  • Medical treatment for the consequences of drug and alcohol misuse.
  • Addressing nutritional deficiencies.
  • Relapse preventing medication and assistance.
  • Private consultation and follow up by Consultant Psychiatrists and Psychologist if desired

Evidenced based psychosocial and other interventions will be given using group and individually tailored behavioural and cognitive focused approaches, encompassing Motivational and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies with relapse prevention and awareness skills focus and harm minimisation sessions.

A variety of techniques and interventions including:

  • Assessment of individual readiness for change and capacity to benefit from detoxification.
  • Motivational Interviewing to empower clients to move towards recovery and abstinence.
  • Contingency Management based on Operant Learning Theory principles
  • Individual needs meeting tailored packages
  • ‘Whole-system’ case management providing Recovery Model

From a North Lancashire located base, we aim to provide a safe and cost effective “Recovery Model” based Alcohol and Drug detoxification and respite from stimulant use including both medically managed detoxification and medically monitored treatment.

If you think you or someone you know is dependent on drugs or alcohol, now is the time to let us help you make the right choice.

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I could not stop drinking, having tried various methods. After making contact with Rehab Treatment UK I was put at ease immediately. All my options were carefully explained and 2 days later admitted to Rehab. Without the speedy response I would probably still be drinking today, Already, the home is a happier place. Thank you Jane for starting the process for a life of sobriety.
B. Middlesex

Thank you to Rehab Treatment UK and everyone at the Clinic that was involved in my Detox. It has been hard, but the fun everyone has made it, helped to make it easier.
S. Hull